Maria Mancuso, RDH OMT

Maria entered Dental Hygiene school at The NYC College of Technology with a year of completing the secondary education thru health program offered by her high school in her senior year.  She had the opportunity to earn her credits at The Mount Sinai Hospital’s Department of Dentistry and discover herself as a healthcare provider. 

After graduating Dental Hygiene school, she began practicing on Park Avenue in NYC and then moved to the Hamptons to continue her career and raise her 3 children.  Within the span of thirty years, she also found the time to give back.  In the last 10 years Maria has been an active volunteer for “Medical Wings International” and “Miles for Kids in Need”, which is a global charity organization and serves on the Board of Directors as the Dental Hygienist Director. Her passion for helping children has taken her to many countries in South America and internationally to serve the dental and humanitarian needs of the less fortunate and underserved population as best she can.

Her commitment to service as well as her ability to think outside the box attributed to her journey into the myofunctional field.  Maria became an orofacial myologist and attained the knowledge to help her own child that suffered from major airway issues and myofunctional disorders that went undiagnosed, misdiagnosed and untreated for many years.  She collaborated with other airway professionals and saw firsthand the benefits of treatment and myofunctional therapy to a better quality of life. Her belief is getting to the root of the problem instead of treating the symptoms.