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Brittny was great! She was very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to learning about the importance of tongue exercises. I quickly began noticing the tension in my jaw going away. Also, my sleep patterns changed- I was breathing better and drooling less at night. Brittny was encouraging in between sessions and provided videos for additional support.


Bethany, CT

I have been working with Joann for the last 4 months.  I was suffering from sleep apnea and unable to use the CPAP or wear my appliance.  I never realized how much my tongue and it's position had to do with everything.  Joann was really patient and very knowledgable. I can honestly say I havent slept this well in a very long time and I feel like my overall health has greatly improved!  I would recommend her highly. Thank you Joann!


Lindenhurst, NY

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