It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

~ Frederick Douglass

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Changing Smiles

Thank you so much you change my little boy smile and life you will be forever part of our history. We’ll  keep practicing to make you proud. Thank you thank you 

Rose Testimonial

Rose, Massapequa, NY

My family is so grateful for Joann! She has changed our lives forever and is truly an amazing therapist and person!  She is so special in every way and we can't say enough positive things about Joann and our experience with her.  My son Lucas, who was 4 years old when we started the myo program, just fell in love with Joann right away.  She is funny, positive, compassionate, kind, intelligent, caring, organized, and makes therapy fun and manageable! We did a mini myo program where we did half of the program while he was in oral appliance to grow his mouth.  Then we finished the second part of the program once he was finished expanding his mouth with his oral appliance.  Joanne’s communication with us was superb and her exercise program was very doable and easy to follow. We are now finished with the program and in maintenance mode!  My son has made tremendous progress with all of his exercises with Joann. He is now able to keep his lips together, tongue to spot, and breath through his nose where he was 100% a mouth breather.  I can also tell that his tone in his mouth is so much stronger than when we first started.  It's so amazing to see how myofunctional therapy has tremendously improved my son's life with learning how to breath and swallow the correct way. Thank you again Joann for everything that you did for my family and everything that you continue to do with other families! Very grateful and blessed that you were part of our airway journey and team!      

Changed our lives forever

~ Kasey, Connecticut

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