The Best Sinus-Rinse Kits on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Whether you’re fighting off a cold, the flu, or seasonal allergies, a sinus-rinse kit or neti pot — water-powered tools to help clear sinus congestion — can help. And while we’ve written about lots of different ways to breathe easier, including the best air purifiers for allergies and the best home remedies for allergies, and raved about the HEPA-filter air purifiers recommended by allergists, here we’re tackling the best sinus-rinse kits and neti pots you can find on Amazon, according to hyperenthusiastic reviewers.
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Best-rated sinus-rinse kit

Navage Nasal Care Starter Bundle

4.5 stars, 14,009 reviews
With over 10,000 five-star reviews, this nasal-irrigation system is the top-rated sinus-rinse kit of all the neti pots, sprays, and washes on Amazon. In fact, 30 five-star reviewers go so far as to call it “life changing,” including one reviewer who says they “haven’t had [a sinus infection] since I started using this daily!” Another reviewer with a history of chronic sinus problems writes, “I can tell you my life has changed. I sleep better. Breathe better. Have not had any sinus infections since using the Navage system. I am not tired throughout the day because I am more rested. What more can I say.” Plus, they note that it’s easy to use and clean. And one previously skeptical allergy sufferer admits, “Man was I wrong. After the first use I was sold. I could breathe, through both nostrils, at the same time, for the first time since the evil pollen has attacked the south.” They go on to say, “My only regret is that it took me this long to find this product. Do yourself and your nasal passages a favor. Get this contraption, shove it up your nose, and let it literally suck the snot out of you!”

Best-rated (less expensive) sinus-rinse kit

NeilMed SinuFlo Ready Rinse

4.6 stars, 6,993 reviews
This NeilMed sinus-rinse kit isn’t a full irrigation system, but it is one of the most popular sinus-relief options on Amazon with over 5,000 five-star reviews. In fact, many customers say the well-priced rinse kit even came recommended by their doctors for battling congestion and sinusitis, like one rhinitis sufferer who calls this a “game changer” for sinus misery. “I used a neti pot for years, but this bottle is much better. I replace it every three months as suggested and am very happy with it,” they write. “When I need it, it’s ready.” They add that it “knocks out” congestion from colds and allergies and that it’s much easier to sanitize after each use than a traditional neti pot. Other reviewers call out the helpful product design, including one who appreciates the way the squeeze bottle siphons straight up, rather than at an angle. “I get sinus infections every so often because I work in a health-care facility. I like this better than a neti pot because I don’t have to turn my head at a weird angle,” they explain. “This bottle is easy to mix the solution, easy to clean, and easy to squeeze.”

Best sinus-rinse kit with multiple tips

NeilMed Nasa Mist Multi-Purpose Saline Spray All in One

4.5 stars, 2,114 reviews
Many come to this NeilMed saline spray after recommendations from their own health-care practitioners, and generally love it for having a higher salinity formula compared with other rinse kits. Even health-care professionals chimed in, in the reviews, with praise, like one who said, “I’m an RN and for almost 40 years I’ve had debilitating sinus/pressure headaches and sinusitis that takes two to three weeks of antibiotics to get rid of. One squirt in each nostril and my sinus headache is gone for several hours. This stuff is a miracle in a can!” Others comment on the different tip attachments — a rinse tip, medium-stream tip, and gentle-mist tip — including one reviewer who calls them “genius. It was a godsend for my recovery from sinus surgery and a major help getting dust/pollen out of my nose.” And another reviewer points out that the tips make the sinus rinse more versatile: “The three different tips allow you to spray or rinse your nose, or use it as a spray for your younger children.”

Best electronic sinus-rinse kit with multiple tips

SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System

4.4 stars, 3,841 reviews
This heavy-duty sinus-rinse kit, which also has multiple tip attachments, is an electronic full-nasal irrigation system. “It comes with several tips to get different results, which is amazing,” writes one reviewer, who replaced their neti pot with it. “From misting to a jet stream it does it all.” Another reviewer appreciates the added throat attachment, which “can be used to make sure that the cold virus gets flushed out of your throat and down to your stomach where the stomach acid will kill it. I can’t rave about this product enough. I use it at least once a day and it’s kind of scary the type of stuff that it cleans out.” And plenty of allergy sufferers love to describe it as “life changing” in the reviews. “I’m not kidding when I say that this machine has changed my life,” says one chronic allergy sufferer who claims to “have the worst rhinitis of anyone I’ve ever met.” After using it, she said, “my sinuses feel the way those Downy dryer-sheet commercials promise to make your towels feel. AND I DIDN’T EVEN TAKE AN ANTIHISTAMINE. This machine reduces my symptoms so drastically I feel like a fool for going 20 years without it.”

Best nasal-rinse kit for kids

Squip Nasaline Nasal Rinsing System

4.7 stars, 885 reviews
Because this syringe-delivered irrigation kit doesn’t require you to tilt your head for proper water flow, lots of reviewers say that it clears the sinuses without causing the ear or neck pressure associated with traditional neti pots. “I have pain when I turn my neck using a neti pot, so I was thrilled to have found this device,” writes one reviewer, while another appreciates that it “doesn’t back up in my ears the same as the neti pot does.” Others found its simple no-tilt design ideal for kids, too. “OHHHHHHHH MY GOD this did wonders for my son!” one writes. “It was truly a battle getting him to do it every time, because he’s 3, but it was SO worth it.” Another bought a set for their kids who “whined and complained so much you’d have thought I gave them cactus underwear or something. But I stood my ground and made them flush out their honkers … After the third flush, the sniffing and sneezing stopped. And we’ve all become believers.”

Best ceramic neti pot

Himalayan Chandra Porcelain Neti Pot

4.6 stars, 1,815 reviews
Many shoppers took comfort in the fact that this neti pot is ceramic, not plastic, like one reviewer who said, “I like that it holds a bit more than the typical drugstore plastic ones and I feel better that it’s ceramic, knowing that it’s very clean for the next use after I wash it.” A few reviewers weren’t so sure about the design: Some called out the narrow design of the spout that makes it difficult to clean and sterilize, and others felt that it didn’t fit in the nostrils very well. Other shoppers were simultaneously grossed out and entranced by how well this thing works.
Per one reviewer, “The first couple of seconds it took a little getting used to: Some went down the back of my throat, a tiny bit of burning … but then I got a nice stream of water out. I blew my nose afterwards and, not to be gross, but a massive chunk of green mucus and blood came out! The sinus pain went away and it was the closest thing to a miracle cure I’ve ever experienced!”
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