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A List Celebrity Working with Sleep-Related Pharma Company

Jennifer Aniston has partnered with Idorsia U.S., an affiliate of Idorsia, a Switzerland-based biopharmaceutical company.... read more



By: Dr. Richard Baxter

Do Tongue-Ties Go Away? Do They Stretch Out?

These are common questions we get daily and they are definitely important to answer. Because if tongue-ties go away, and mom can just “tough it out” for 6-12 months, some moms would prefer to sacrifice their comfort for their baby, so the baby doesn’t have to get a procedure (I guess that’s what parenting is anyway, giving up your life in many ways to help your children!).... read more



By: Eric Suni

The Link Between Sleep Apnea and Teeth Grinding

Is There a Connection Between Sleep Apnea and Teeth Grinding? What is the Significance of the Relationship Between Sleep Apnea and Sleep Bruxism?... read more



By: Zia Sherrell

What to know about lip flips

A lip flip is a relatively new cosmetic procedure that reportedly gives a person fuller lips with one quick and straightforward treatment. People also refer to it as a lip injection. A lip flip involves injecting the neurotoxin Botox into the upper lip.... read more



By: Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, M.D.

Sleep deprivation: A cause of high blood pressure?

Is it true that sleep deprivation can cause high blood pressure? ... read more



By: Nature

Young people’s mental health is finally getting the attention it needs

The COVID-19 pandemic, a UNICEF report and a review of the latest research all highlight the urgent need for better prevention and treatment of youth anxiety and depression.... read more



By: Danielle Pacheco

Children and Sleep

An introduction to the importance of sleep in children and how to help them sleep better... read more



By: Emily Cronkleton

What Is the Buteyko Breathing Technique?

A Ukrainian doctor, Konstantin Buteyko, created the Buteyko breathing technique (BBT) in the 1950s. This therapeutic breathing method uses breath retention exercises to control the speed and volume of your breath. This helps you to learn to breathe more slowly, calmly, and effectively.... read more



By: Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Sleep-Disordered Breathing: The Hidden Sleep Problem Linked With ADHD and Even Orthodontics

If your kid still wakes up in the middle of the night or is irritable during the day, they may have an underlying breathing issue. Treatment can help them get the rest they need.... read more



By: Danielle Pacheco

Lack of Sleep and Diabetes

Diabetes affects more than 30 million people1 in the U.S. and is the seventh leading cause of death2. The most common form of diabetes, type 2 diabetes3, is a chronic disease that develops due to insulin resistance.... read more



By: Adda Bjarnadottir

11 Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Mom and Baby

If you’ve been considering not breastfeeding your new baby, you’re probably inundated with information. It’s a personal decision only you can make, but the benefits are seemingly endless... read more



By: Danielle Dresden

What is silent reflux and what can I do about it?

Silent reflux is a condition in which stomach acid causes throat discomfort, especially behind the breastbone in the middle of the trunk.... read more



By: Jacquelyn Cafasso

Mouth Breathing: Symptoms, Complications, and Treatments

Breathing provides your body with the oxygen it needs to survive. It also allows you to release carbon dioxide and waste.... read more



By: Shirley Gutkowski

How mouth taping can be key to achieving healthy nasal breathing

Shirley Gutkowski explains why nose breathing is pretty important. Don't be shy about suggesting taping the mouth to help someone achieve healthy breathing.... read more



By: Shirley Gutkowski

The airways in our pediatric patients

Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, shares the story of two pediatric patients who visited an oral-systemic dental practice. One patient received a fluoride varnish application, while the other’s misbehavior and oral health led to a suspicion of obstructive sleep apnea and several referrals.... read more



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